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Coinkydink was founded on the vision of revolutionising the traditional literary landscape. Our mission is to disrupt and challenge the norms of established publishing houses by fostering innovation, promoting authorial autonomy, and embracing technology to adapt to the evolving needs of modern readers.

Founding Principles:

  1. Author-Centric Approach: We place authors at the heart of our operations, valuing their creative input and ensuring their voices drive the publishing process.
  2. Transparency: Our company operates with complete openness regarding costs, profits, and marketing strategies, ensuring that authors are informed and engaged decision-makers in the journey of their work.
  3. Creative Freedom: We offer authors control over the creative aspects of their work, from the cover design to the marketing pitch, while providing professional guidance to polish and refine their vision.
  4. Innovative Marketing: Coinkydink leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, data analytics, and digital marketing tools to optimise book launches, reader engagement, and sales strategies. Machine learning algorithms help in identifying market trends, shaping promotions, and personalising reader experiences.

old orthodoxies are changing

A part of the Pretzel Films Group, Coinkydink has access to its fantastic marketing agency talent, design and strategy consultants, journalists, and podcasters and an extensive network of social media influencers who use their knowledge and skills to create engaging content that will showcase the work.

We understand that having a ‘well known’ publisher is akin to receiving a professional stamp of approval, but Coinkydink was born out of the end of monoculture and the beginning of a new age of worldbuilding.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide David with the tools he needs to reach his target audience and maximise his potential. 

We hope, in sharing this journey and its potential growth that we can expand our authors. We believe that everyone has a unique story to tell, and we are dedicated to providing a platform for these stories to be shared with the world.

Coinkydink, above all else,  values creativity, diversity, and inclusivity, and we are future committed to publishing works from authors of all backgrounds and perspectives. 

Our debut author

David Bickford is a British Author and former Under Secretary of State and Legal Director to the British Intelligence Agencies, MI5 & MI6. His second novel ‘Katya’ is due for release in July 2023.

David spent his working life diving into the cold murky seas of terrorism, espionage and organised crime, protecting our freedom for over 25 years.H e is now a bestselling author.

At the forefront of the battle against international terrorism he was among the first to predict its onslaught.

David is recognised, both in the Agencies where he was awarded Companion of the Order of the Bath for his work and in the business he now runs, for his groundbreaking solutions to defeat the terrorists and international organised criminals who threaten us.

David married his wife, Cary, in 1965 with whom they have three sons.

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